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Continuity Now (BU/DR)

Backup and protect your Business, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SQL, Windows Server, Exchange and Files. CNS does this while ensuring all services are monitored, managed and tested. We pay special attention to your business continuity plan, giving you confidence in your systems and the security provided in knowing your data is safe!

Business Continuity
You won’t be left in the dark, at CNS we make sure that your computer's stay on when the lights turn off.

Stop thinking, starting knowing. CNS provides regular updates on backup testing, so know you are always covered. Not only for protection but to restoration. 

Our Continuity Now (BU/DR) Services

Regular Testing

Recovery testing of full client environments, particular services and items is part of our routine. From your application, to your database to your spreadsheet, CNS makes sure you can always recover, tested and proven!

Planning and Process

Having a tested plan is the difference between the life and death of a business and its applications. CNS will create, review and test our plans, as well as the process that needs to be followed for recovery of all your systems. 


To keep it simple, CNS give control back to your admin users. We make recovery simple, and can enable users to roll back to specific versions of files and folders if needed.

24/7 Support

With CNS staff available all day, every day monitoring your environment, you won’t be left in the dark. CNS is designed to support you and we are ready to respond at a moments notice.
"We have been working with CNS for nearly 2 years now and have nothing but high praise for prompt efficient service on all our I.T. equipment, software and queries"
Richard Slight
Manager - BPM Childcare