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People are our priority, at CNS, we take pride in our partnerships and relationships, as they are important in us delivering the best solutions for your business.

CNS specialises in deploying Microsoft solutions for schools, the community, the government and the private business sector. Currently there are hundreds of Australian organisations who have implemented Microsoft technology to help improve business - CNS is one of them who go above and beyond the minimum.


We work with Cisco and together we deliver a comprehensive Technology and communication solution suite to suit your needs. Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking and IT and helps companies transform how they connect, communicate and collaborate.


As a market leader in Backup and Disaster recovery, Veeam and CNS have worked together to provide Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to cater on your business needs. As a team, we provide business with consistency and peace of mind.


DTS is an award winning Internet Service Provider focused on innovation and business. CNS works with DTS to offer you and your business the best possible online experience. We are committed to you.


Synchronised Security against coordinated attacks. Solutions that share threat intelligence and talk to each other, managed through a single, centralised interface, from firewall to endpoint.