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We are always evolving and constantly improving the work environment. With CNS, your work environment, specifically your computer and applications will always be up to date. CNS Leverages Microsoft 365 for the latest in cloud applications and security governance. We guarantee that we keep up with the latest trends and release to help you stay ahead of the game. Don’t fall behind in the industry, with CNS, we help you advance.


Information Protection
Be comfortable that all your information is secured, with your data saved in the cloud with backups for redundancy. Identity and access management ensuring ease of access for your employees in a secure fashion.

Provide a platform and tool set for your staff to be connected at all times. Including multi-user collaboration on single documents and shared work spaces.

Reduce Risk
Reduce risk of data loss by having your desktops secured and monitored based on best practice, supported with CNS’ expertise.

Our NextWorkspace Benefits

Access Anywhere

Using the latest in Microsoft technologies, CNS remove the requirement for complex solutions, providing your staff with a secure digital workplace.

Modern Tools

With the latest Microsoft Office suite and Operating system, keep up with the rapid release of new features. Always be two steps ahead of everyone else.

24/7 Support

With CNS staff available all day, every day monitoring your environment, you won’t be left in the dark. CNS is designed to support your business anytime.

Identity Security

Ensure your staff are safe while providing ease of use in their day to day activities. CNS will review and respond to any suspicious activity while creating smart policies.
"Computer & Network Solutions Limited have been the IT company of choice for Abilities Incorporated for the past 20 or more years. The team at CNS have always been there to assist us in any way possible. We would highly recommend them to any prospective customer."
Peter Doland
Operations Manager - Abilities
"We have been working with CNS for nearly 2 years now and have nothing but high praise for prompt efficient service on all our I.T. equipment, software and queries"
Richard Slight
Manager - BPM Childcare
"The professional team at CNS were able to provide an innovative and cost effective server solution that enabled our legacy system to work in tandem with our future software development. Their ongoing monitoring & support is first class."
Paul Nilsson
Director - Gem Lab