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St. Andrew's Cathedral School
St. Andrew's Cathedral School
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As an Anglican school, St Andrew's is grounded in meaningful, faith-driven Christian values and is dedicated to ensuring the holistic development of our students. Our proud heritage of partnership with the Cathedral represents the strong link between the school and the Anglican Church and our firm foundation as a Christian community - one that is diverse and inclusive.


St Andrew's Cathedral School (SACS)




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St Andrew's Cathedral School (SACS)

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CNS has been a partner to SACS for its IT infrastructure and support requirements. In the future, there is no hesitation CNS will continue to provide for SACS and exceed expectations.

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The Problem

SACS needed a technology partner that could provide reliable support during and after their Azure migration.

With a lack of internal resource availability due to existing workloads, Azure expertise provided by CNS, the gaps CNS processes helped fill surrounding best practices for new services (like backup and networking in the cloud).

Another issue faced by the school was that there was no current coverage for support outside of business hours. Very often, problems wouldn't get identified and addressed until the staff got into work the next morning. SACS needed 24x7 coverage for their team and access to reliable and dependable infrastructure support. They could not afford to have the level of downtime they were currently experiencing with their existing data centre infrastructure.

CNS had a proven track record of great support in addition to highly skilled staff and specific expertise in Microsoft Azure. Additionally, CNS's ability to provide a 24x7 incident response made them the perfect fit to satisfy the needs of the school. SACS also explored expanding their internal support and acquiring additional tool sets to support their needs but chose to go with the support package offered by CNS instead.

The Solution

Azure Support

CNS was able to successfully provide the critical support services required by SACS during and after their Azure migration. CNS provided SACS with a comprehensive service level agreement and efficiently managed onboarding of all applications and systems, while being backed by a Microsoft Premier Support agreement.

CNS delivered the solution at a price point that fits within the school's budget while providing the highest quality of technical resources. The maturity of CNS' solutions and comprehensiveness of services offered, enabled SACS to successfully migrate to Azure with the adequate support in place for their staff.

The support solution offered by CNS saved SACS from having to hire additional staff and purchase other tool sets. SACS staff can now work with the peace of mind that they have 24x7 support in place for any needs that may arise.

The Results

CNS has been a partner to SACS for its IT infrastructure and support requirements. In the future, there is no hesitation CNS will continue to provide for SACS and exceed expectations.

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Dr John Collier

Head of School
"St Andrew's is grounded in values that nurture the individual, promoting personal wellbeing and cross-cultural understanding in a tolerant environment, where values of grace, integrity and justice are upheld."
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